Fiji Islands Travel Guide – Fiji info and guide to travel around the Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands

Bula! Welcome to the Fiji Islands

322 islands and about 500 islets just south of the equator, the Fiji Islands.


In the old days called the “Cannibal Islands” is Fiji today one of the more modern Melanesian countries. The people of Fiji are some of the friendliest people on the planet, with a legendary hospitality which is for most visitors to the Islands the most memorable.


The Fiji Islands are a holiday destination, full of activities, adventures, scuba diving, snorkeling, and natural beauty with a warm climate throughout the year, clear and warm oceans teeming with life and coral, mountains, jungle, islands, beaches…


Fiji caters for the backpacking individual traveler with lots of budget accommodations to the rich and famous with luxury resorts which are out of this world.


This is a guide which gives you a brief overview to Fiji and everything important you need to know. More soon…