What to eat in Fiji? Traditional and popular food in Fiji.

Fiji is famed all across the world for its vibrant indigenous culture, the stunning beaches and the wonderful weather which allows you to participate in a range of different activities. But perhaps one of the best things about visiting Fiji is the chance to enjoy Fijian cuisine. Experiencing Fiji cuisine is like buying your first car because of the wealth of fresh produce available, which results in a truly diverse and fascinating cuisine.

Fiji offers visitors a range of local, as well as international culinary delights; traditional Fiji cuisine is made up of primary ingredients such as sweet potatoes, bananas, coconut, fish and fresh veggies. Although all the ingredients help to make Fiji cuisine distinct, it is the amazing amalgamation of various flavors that help to make Fiji cuisine impressive.

What is Fijian food made up of?

With cultural influences from China, Britain, South Asian countries and India, Fiji cuisine is a delightful fusion of a little bit of everything, which means that you cannot go wrong with Fiji food. The Fiji cuisine is characterized by:

Fresh seafood

The endless seafood choices in Fiji are enough to turn anyone into a seafood lover. The wonderful offerings available come from the beautiful lagoons, as well as from the Pacific Ocean. Your selection here is varied to include lobsters, Cray, crab, sea cucumber, prawns, octopus, tuna, parrot fish, Mahi-mahi, and so much more, all of which are caught fresh daily.

Local farming

Agriculture in Fiji is very important and if you want to experience an authentic farm to table eating experience, Fiji would be the best place to do it. Most of the produce is harvested and is free from commercial farming methods which insist on the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

Foods that you must absolutely try in Fiji

This dish is made from fresh fish that has been marinated in freshly squeezed lemon juice, fresh coconut cream, tomatoes, spring onions and a range of spices. Kokoda is typically served in half a coconut shell and sometimes in a clamshell.

Lovo, earth oven
This is one of Fiji’s signature dishes that is commonly found in special occasions. A Lovo meal is made from a mix of veggies, and different meats such as chicken, beef, and lamb. Traditionally all this is wrapped in leaves and cooked in a pit on white-hot. Lovo food has a distinct taste, a bit a smoky flavor with a hint of barbecue taste.

Kava is a must-try while you are in Fiji. Kava is a drink that is made from the Yagona plant, and it is generally served in a coconut shell. Kava can be a nice way to start your adventure in Fiji.